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The jobs are usually for doing yardwork, painting, hauling and small repairs: anything a resident needs.

Our Story

HirePatriots.com began as HireMarines.com in 2005. Our founders lived next door to Camp Pendleton Marine Base in Oceanside. They thought they were semi-retired. They had hired a nephew to run a small carpet cleaning company they created for extra income. They had just purchased a 3-bedroom home. The future looked like a long time to relax and play, when a US Marine, just returned from receiving injuries in Iraq, knocked on their door. He was looking to earn some extra money. And he was desperate. While he was away, his wife had lost her job. Their family car was repossessed, and after a while the utilities were turned off. They had two small children, an infant and a 3-year-old. He had just returned from combat less than an hour before. He was determined to get his family’s utilities turned on again! Read more

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